Electric Marine Ltd

Industrial Park of Schisto, Perama - Greece

PO. BOX 3306, 4th street, 12th block, P.C 18863



Marine Services

We undertake:

♦Repairs and constructions of electrical installations

♦Machinery automatism

♦Construction of main and auxiliary parallel circuit boards

♦Repairs and maintenance of electrical machinery.

♦Circumvolution of motors and generators AC-DC every type.

♦Repair and installation of automatic control and operative systems ( alarms, inner gas, boiler e.t.c ).

♦Inspection and repair of electronic systems ( except telecommunication ),

♦Infrared Thermographie to electrical domain (Wirings & Electric Cupboards Control, defective connections, a bad dimensioning cables/load, electromotors etc...)

♦Rrepairs, supply and installation of AVR generators of every type

♦Inspection and repair of pneumatic systems

♦Inspection and repair of power switches and all safeties of the electrical machinery ( reverse power, over current release ) and simulation breakers with electric unit

♦Supply of electric motors and spare parts.

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